The 7 Churches of Revelation

A major investigation into the mystery of the end times

In the first century AD, a powerful ideological revolution was taking place in Asia Minor. What was to become one of the world’s greatest religions was opposing the ancient pagan cults and the order established by the all-powerful imperial Rome, and was spreading inexorably throughout the Roman Empire: Christianity was on the march. It is in this hostile context that the book of the Apocalypse of Saint John will impose itself. This text, reputed to be the most complex and mysterious in the Bible, was addressed to seven churches in present-day Turkey, which received seven personal letters from the risen Christ.

Passionate about the history of Christianity, I, Christophe Hanauer, decided to investigate the secrets of the 7 churches of the Apocalypse… What are these churches and what do they represent? What do they have to teach us about the history of our civilisation? What is their message for Christians today and for humanity in the 21st century? Are the prophecies of Revelation still relevant?


speakers from all over the world

hours of filming

days of video editing, or 1120 hours

Here is a full presentation of the four main speakers.

American professor, author and editor of numerous books, articles and reviews, lecturer, researcher in Biblical Archaeology, specialist in the 7 Churches (Asia Minor Research Centre, Antalya, Turkey).

A French teacher and lecturer, doctor of theology and pastor trained in biblical archaeology, creator of the Keren-Israël review on Israel and the fulfilment of biblical prophecies, he was a French specialist in eschatological questions. He studied the Bible in London, then the history of Israel and biblical archaeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1965-1967). A specialist in Hebrew, he participated in the translation of the “Dove Bible”. He died in March 2020, and this series is dedicated to his memory.

Swiss professor of the history of ancient Judaism at the University of Lausanne, editor of numerous books, director of the international journal Ancient Judaism, responsible for several archaeological excavations in Galilee.

Swiss theologian from the University of Lausanne, internationally renowned exegete, biblical scholar, pastor, specialist in narratology applied to New Testament research and specialist in the origins of Christianity.

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