Passionate, adventurous, visionary

Founder / Producer

Deeply curious, my intention is to research and describe the physical reality not only in my job as an engineer, but also in the production of films. With my head in the stars, but my feet on the ground, I never stop asking questions, even if it means questioning certain established paradigms. I like to understand things from a global and holistic perspective. Indeed, science explains perfectly the HOW, but does not answer the question of WHY, hence the need for philosophical, artistic and spiritual questioning to complete our need for answers. I invite you to explore together the wonderful universe of knowledge, with all intellectual honesty and respect for opinions and points of view. This adventure in scholarship is exceptional: it is an invitation to travel to the very heart of the human adventure.


A security solutions salesman, I have lived in Switzerland since 2014. I was raised Catholic, but remained agnostic until the age of 35. I then discovered the power of the biblical text. Fascinated by the Hebrew language, I have an extraordinary thirst to understand where man comes from, where he is and where he is going. To answer these questions, it is necessary to know as much as possible about the relationship between the invisible and the visible world: what an adventure! It is therefore with great pride that I invest myself in Millenium Production which, through its many upcoming documentaries, will shed new light on the issues of the 21st century! 

Silvano Nobs
Company director

Silvano was a Swiss chocolatier, now an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He specialises in raising funds to bring new projects and businesses to life, especially internationally in the field of development aid and education. He is also director of a children’s foundation and works on several innovative projects in the field of finance.

Kathleen Herrgott
Communication officer

I live in Alsace (France) and I decided to go into film! Self-taught by nature but also very joyful and social, it was obvious that a career in the audiovisual field would be the logical continuation of my professional adventures. I grew up in a Christian family with a passion for Israel. I developed a love for Israel and a desire to learn more about it, to understand it better. Also passionate about languages, bilingual in English, I take up the challenge of investing myself in Millenium Production and developing international business relationships, alongside a strong team! My ultimate goal is to transmit an emotion, to touch hearts and not only thoughts, and finally, to develop people’s curiosity and to bring the spectacular!

Maryline Richard
Communication officer

Franco-Swiss, I have had the privilege to live from my passions for several years, starting with those of voice-over actress and versatile radio host. I am rather sociable and spontaneous, that’s why the field of communication naturally imposed itself when I joined the Millenium Production team.

This incredible adventure in the audiovisual world fascinates me at all levels and I will be delighted, as communication officer for the French-speaking world, to share with you our next projects as soon as possible! 

Do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to organize events, screenings, festivals, distributions, or simply to know more about Millenium Production!